Hypnobirth Mamas


I am setting up Hypnobirth Mamas to offer small, informal, fun and friendly classes in Cardiff.

Becoming a mother and having small children is a special and demanding time in our lives when community and support are more important than ever.

My hope is that Hypnobirth Mamas will bring women and birth partners together who can offer each other support up to birth and beyond. Each course group has its own WhatsApp group and social to help foster the sense of community and support.

Giving back

10% of all course payments will be donated to a local Welsh organisation and a Guatemalan organisation that support women during pregnancy and motherhood.

It feels important that Hypnobirth Mamas contributes more widely than the courses as not all women are in a position to access such support.

I am making contact with organisations to find the right match and this page will be updated.

For now, 10% of all course payments will be put aside and donated when the organisations have been selected. You’ll receive an email to let you know how you have contributed to supporting other women at the same stage of life as you.